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Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service in Dhaka

Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service

Toilet Cleaning Service in Dhaka  “Mcp idea” Are you searching for professional Bathroom or Toilet Cleaning Service in Dhaka? Our bathroom deep cleaning service is meticulously executed, and we promise that your bathroom will sparkle. Protect your family now and improve your peace of mind, Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,

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Bathroom Cleaning Service in Dhaka

Do you want professional housekeepers to clean and disinfect your bathrooms? Well, leave the tension to us. We the best Cleaning Company in Dhaka and provide cleaning staff to do quality bathroom cleaning in your villa, apartment or office. Our cleaning staff are trained to complete bathroom and toilet cleaning services to an excellent standard. Our professional maids use different strategies and cleaning solutions for the basin, bathtub, toilet and other areas of your bathroom. We use specific chemicals which will not cause any harm to fixtures. Our Cleaning Teams work hard and we put every effort to measure up with your expectations. “Mcpidea” Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,  Water Tank Cleaning Services In Dhaka

Our Toilet/Bathroom Cleaning Service Include:

• Dusting & Cleaning all surfaces.
• Sterilizing the toilets.
• Scrubbing and cleaning the floor & wall tiles.
• Cleaning the light fittings inside the toilet.
• Sterilizing the shower & bath, inside & out.
• Removing the blockages in shower heads.
• Cleaning all mirrors & fixtures.
• Using special cleaning materials for removing stubborn stains.
• Sterilizing & Shining your sinks.
• Vacuuming & Moping the floors.
• Emptying the trash.

Cleaning tools We Used:

Bathroom Deep Cleaning Service

Bathroom deep cleaning service is one of the essential parts of a house which really needs to do a deep cleaning. In every home, it gets too much use all around 24 hours. Normally a bathroom is a room in a house that contains a bath or shower, a washbasin, and toilet. In our urban city live clean bathroom is an essential part of our daily life. Because dirty bathroom spread various kind of bacteria and viruses which are harmful to human being. A bathroom is usable and presentable for regular cleaning. But bathroom deep cleaning service needs to focus on the hard-to-reach and harder-to-clean areas. The bathroom cleaning tools help us to do the cleaning task easily and safely. Bathroom, Carpet

-Toilet Brush
-Disposable Wipes or Disinfectant Cleaner and Sponge
– Multi-Surface Cleaner and Lint-Free Rag
-Rubber Gloves
-Scrub Brush
-Toilet Bowl Brush
-Spray bottle
-Paper towels, microfiber cloths
-Anti-bacterial wipes
-Hard-water cleaner.

Some Popular Spray and Scrub Cleaners That We Used: Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,
Best Bathroom Deep cleaning service is necessary when you are planning to sell your home or rent it. Its help certainly improves the overall appearance. Deep cleaning bathroom areas involve the following tasks: “Mcp Idea

What you may expect

Vacuum all surfaces
Wipe down surfaces
Clean the shower
Clean the toilet
Toilets and bathrooms that are germ-free
pleasant odor

What’s included

Removing soap scum and scale from the shower head and faucets.
Cleaning behind appliances such as washers and dryers.
Dusting the bathroom’s baseboards and doors with care
Cleaning window frames and patio doors.
Cleaning and disinfecting toilets, showers, bathtubs
Cleaning the floor thoroughly and wiping off the surfaces
Get everything shiny and germ-free “Mcp idea” Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,

While conducting the cleaning job, try to clean from top to bottom so that any dust or grime will not fall into a newly cleaned surface. Try to remove everything from the countertops to make the job much easier to do. Today’s crime-filled atmosphere it is difficult to trust a stranger. So, you get to avail services form a vetted service provider who is expert in their profession. We provide our service much simpler and time saver way. You can book your “bathroom deep cleaning service near me” to use just a few taps on online. Our professionals have done the job efficiently and effectively with the latest equipment. We provide our service also help with repairs, painting, and plumbing. We cleaned with the most advanced equipment/machinery and safe, specialized chemicals for best results.

Toilet Cleaning

Are you searching for professional Bathroom or Toilet Cleaner Service in Dhaka? We guarantee the cleanest toilet of all time. Do you want professional housekeepers to clean and disinfect your bathrooms? Well, leave this tension to us. We are the best Cleaning service providing Company in Dhaka and provide cleaning staff to do quality bathroom cleaning in your villa, apartment or office. Our cleaning staff are trained to complete bathroom and toilet cleaning services to an excellent standard. Our professional maids use different strategies and cleaning solutions for the basin, bathtub, toilet and other areas of your bathroom. Our Cleaning Teams work hard and we put every effort to measure up with your expectations. Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,

we always think about customer satisfaction. is the only company in Bangladesh who has the height customer satisfaction in toilet cleaning.

bathroom deep cleaning

Specialized Bathroom Cleaning Service | Commercial Bathroom Cleaning We are a full-service commercial cleaning company that specializes in bathroom cleaning. You require clean, sanitized, and deodorized restrooms and facilities. Your customers, employees, and guests visit your company daily. Simply put, the higher the traffic in your commercial space the more Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,

Why we clean

We clean because we enjoy using clean facilities. We also clean because we know that you like using clean ladies and men’s rooms. Most commercial cleaning companies under perform when cleaning this area. More often than not, they don’t have the tools to do the job in a cost-effective, efficient, and safe manner. “Mcp idea”

Let’s face it, cleaning a bathroom can be a dirty job. For us, it is our only job. That is why we are so great at it.

Your guests and patrons deserve sanitized and hygienic bathrooms. What they think of your establishment sometimes depends on bathroom cleanliness. For restaurants and certain other industries, this is especially true.

Your employees perform hard work day in and day out for your company, when they need to relieve themselves they’d appreciate Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,

Your staff will complain if they are the ones that assigned to clean the restroom behind everyone else. We’re certain that they can do more productive things than clean a lavatory. Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,

What We Clean

Bathroom Stalls

Bathroom stall cleaning is a high priority because they can become germ, foul-smelling, and unsightly if left unchecked.

Hand Dryers

Hand dryer cleaning is important for appearance and sanitation purposes.


Wall cleaning in bathrooms can be vital because buildup can be unsightly and unsanitary.


Dispenser cleaning is needed because they are touch points.


Toilet cleaning, toilet bowl sterility, and toilet seat disinfection are essential to bacteria and odor elimination.



Sink cleaning is important because washing hands leaves behind contaminates and residue that can become bacteria or mold if left untreated. Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,


Locker room cleaning is important for sanitary reasons.


Bathtub cleaning is crucial because bathing leaves behind the most residue.


Shower cleaning is necessary because the shower can have bacteria and scum buildup if left unclean.


Bathroom floor cleaning is mandatory because filth always makes its way to Bathroom floor cleaning is mandatory because filth always makes its way to the floor. “Mcp idea” Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,


Vanity cleaning is critical because it’s usually the 1st thing a person sees when entering a restroom.


When We Clean

We can clean one time, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly. You tell us what works for your facility and your schedule.

Where Are Our Service Areas

Currently, our service areas are the whole country in Bangladesh.

How We Clean,

We clean the environmentally friendly way. We scrub, scrape, and wash away all of the undesirables in even the dirtiest of bathrooms.

Bathroom Cleaning Service

Bathroom Cleaning Service In Dhaka
In this modern civilization, a bathroom is a must need for every house Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,  or any other residence. To respond to the nature call and keep ourselves fresh, it is an essential part of our home. But, an unhygienic and unclean toilet or washroom is so much irritating to all of us. If you don’t clean your bathroom and toilet regularly, bad malodorous can rise yet. Again, it’s harmful to your health. So, regular cleaning of the bathroom is essential.

Besides, the inner side of the toilet is also needed for cleaning regularly. Therefore, to have an odor and germ-free home, a deep clean for both your toilet and washroom is a must after a fixed interval. Nowadays, expert toilet cleaners are hard to find indeed. So, to make your job easy, we is offering you a superb bathroom cleaning service in Dhaka.

We are providing:

Commode clean:
is an expert to clean both high and low commode. We use delight toilet cleaners and brushes to clean so that we can ensure professional toilet cleaning services. We also use antibacterial agents to make sure of a germ-free disinfected toilet.
Toilet room clean:
From tiles wall to floor, our workers clean top to bottom of your toilet and washrooms by scrubbing the floors and walls. Soap water and cleaning agents are used to make to provide washroom deep cleaning services.


Cleaning sink and showers:
The washroom sink and shower can be messy rapidly. Showers use a filter inside them to offer you freshwater. But sometimes dirt can slow taps and showers flowing and sink’s water rinsing. We are experts to handle these by cleaning and polishing taps and showers. “Mcp idea”
Cleaning washroom mirror:
A washroom mirror is one of the most necessary things in the washroom. An unclear mirror is annoying also. We can clean your glass mirror.
Door and ventilator clean: office Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,
Washroom doors and ventilators can be very dusty. We offer you to clean them with the home toilet cleaning services.


Other cleanings:
We also can clean the washroom cabinet, bathtubs, towel racks, soap holders, toilet paper holders if needed.

Why we?

We are sufficiently professional in our work. Your time is valuable to us. We can finish work in a short time to ensure a clean washroom. So, if you want to have a sparkling washroom in a short time, connect to
Cost Friendly:
We try to fix a reasonable price to make both our workers and customers happy. Toilet cleaning is enough hard work. We are enough cost-friendly than local and other toilet cleaning company.
Quick response:
Our team is quickly responsive. You just need to book your service, adjusting with your time. You will have us according to your schedule. We are offering a toilet cleaning service near you.


Expert cleaning:
We ensure proper cleaning from washroom cleaning to toilet deep cleaning services. Our workers are experts, and they work with the best quality of cleaning materials. To get a professional cleaning, you need to contact our expert washroom cleaners near you. Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,

How to get service?

To get a sparkling clean bathroom:

Contact via our phone number or the website.
Choose your service.
Book a schedule maintaining to your choice of time. You will have our cleaners at your door according to your schedule.

If you need to cancel your schedule, inform us before.

How to pay?

We use mobile banking to accept our payments. We accept almost every type of mobile banking method. You can also pay hand to hand if you want. You will have a receipt of your payment. Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,


Q. Do you use anti-germ materials?
Answer: Yes. We use antibacterial material to ensure you a germ-free sparkling toilet and bathroom, and we bring these materials with us.

Q. How to remove odor from the bathroom and toilet?
Answer: To remove odor, you need to clean your bathroom and toilet regularly. You can use some perfume materials to remove bad odors.

Q. How often should I clean my toilet?
Answer: You should clean your toilet a minimum of once a week. You can clean more to have a cleaner toilet.


wants to provide you the best cleaning experience at an affordable price to establish a good customer and company relation.

We provide a professional and reliable office cleaning services that focuses on improving not only the overall cleanliness of your office but also making sure we are sanitizing and providing you with a clean and healthy workplace.

We take pride in our work and we can tailor a cleaning program to fit your specific needs as well as your budget. We provide professional janitorial services to office buildings, warehouses, multi-tenant facilities, auto dealerships, medical offices, fitness centers, and day care centers. “Mcp idea” Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,

We Dhaka Cleaner provide professional deep cleaning service for your bathroom and kitchen cleaning service. Our professional cleaner will use best equipment’s and chemical’s for deep cleaning.

Bathroom deep clean

Bathroom Deep Cleaning Service

Your home’s bathrooms view a lot of use during the week, and keeping soap residue and rust at bay can be tough to do while balancing family and work obligations. can help you maintain a pristine washroom while allowing you time to enjoy the most things.

Bathrooms are part of the case when you entrust in routine housekeeping services from Our dedicated experts will clean your bathroom from top to bottom, including eliminating cobwebs from room corners and washing or vacuuming floors. Dusting services in each bathroom will keep dust and bacteria from growing on towel racks, toilet paper clips, curtains, windowsills, doors, door frames, cabinet fronts, and even your baseboards. Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,

Bathrooms deal with a scope of inherent contaminants. There are personal hygiene processes and precipitation levels that can develop tough blends and bacteria in the place. Make sure that your bathroom space is clean and healthy with a professional bathroom cleaning service.

The bathroom cleaning and sanitizing experts at can turn your messy bathroom into a spotless space for intimate hygiene and relaxation. We have the skills, industry knowledge, and effective echo-friendly products to deal with each of your potential bathroom cleaning needs and services. Contact today with your professional bathroom cleaning needs!

Cleaning a bathroom is a massive task as often, items are often left out in such a rush to get to where you’re going. It is not only a time-consuming process but also leaves you tired. Heather offers an easy solution. Give us a call.

residential bathroom cleaning services include point to point cleaning and to vacuum the entire water away and leaving it dry and bacteria-free. We clean every corner so perfectly that it goes your bathroom shining all across.

There are particular services we offer:

Deep clean of bathroom (includes bath, washbasin or shower) and toilet.
Mopping of bathroom floors. Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,
Window cleaning inside, including sills and frames.
Mirror cleaning.
Remove carpets and hair from floors.
Clear cobwebs, dust pictures, curtains, shelves, and baseboards.
Eliminate all the items from your bath and apply a highly effective tile and grout cleaner.
Thoroughly clean your tub and bath surround, making fixtures shine while removing any built-up soap residue.
Clean, dull, and shine all mirrors, chrome, and tile.
Wash your vanity and sink thoroughly.
Brush the entire toilet inside and out and clean it entirely.
Finally, clean and swab floors and empty the trash.
Bathroom Cleaning Services,

Deep Washroom Cleaning Service

We provide professional and deep washroom Cleaning Services for all types of washrooms. From small to large homes, offices and commercial centers to the industrial, warehouse, and retail locations. You need to get your bathroom to get cleaned by the professionals who use hygienic products which are less harmful and less chemical added that destroys 99% germs, make them slow down their rate of growth and even maintain the ceasing of the ceramics. Above all, we choose a room for Bathroom cleaning services in Bangladesh. “Mcp idea”


Toilet Cleaning Services
offers professional toilet cleaning service in Dhaka. Your toilet requires more maintenance than any other space in your household. Toilet can be a tough area to clean thoroughly and it is important that it is hygienic. Regular cleaning is never good enough for a hygienic, stain free toilet! And professional toilet cleaning service will spare you the hassle of keeping your toilet stain free. Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,

Washroom Deep Cleaning
Trained Cleaners

We commit to customer satisfaction. Our dedication has been driving  cleaning and deep washroom cleaning since its beginning. Our expert cleaners in all of the following aspects of the bathroom, some of which are optional value-added services which cost an additional small fee for further peace of mind. We shine all mirrors and glassware in the bathroom. We scrub the tubs, basins and floors to rake up them to a super shine, ensuring that all soap dregs are removed. We use intimate tile cleaner to clean the tiles and grout, ensuring that no residual dirt is left in the grouting. We clean the ceilings, taking care to seal fluid from all surfaces in the bathroom. “Mcp idea”

Are you looking for a washroom cleaning service in Dhaka? provides a professional Washroom cleaning service at an affordable price. Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,

You will get our professional Washroom cleaning service in Dhaka by spending the cheap cost. A clean washroom needs to be cleaned daily and deep clean surfaces to prevent illnesses and infections affecting elderly and / or unhealthy people. Microbes, bacteria, viruses, and germs – can survive on the surface of the washroom for a week or more. This is exactly why you need to deep clean your washroom. Make your washroom clean by taking our professional cleaning services in Dhaka. We clean your Washroom very deeply until your satisfaction.

Washroom Cleaning service!
Our expert cleaners bring you deep washroom cleaning services with quality assurance practices. Certified cleaners are fully screened and trained before being deployed. We have been designed to provide deep down cleaning. Even though every day we get our Toilet neat and cleaned and use all sorts of disinfectants to keep our Toilet germ free. Sometimes an expert’s help is highly required who can help you clean the whole thing and make it a germ-free place.

Our cleaning staffs are trained to complete deep washroom and toilet cleaning service to an excellent standard. Our professional deep cleaners use different strategies and cleaning solutions for the basin, bathtub, toilet, and other areas of your washroom. We use specific chemicals that will not cause any harm to fixtures. Our Deep Washroom Cleaning Teams work hard and we put every effort to measure up with your expectations. Hamil Enterprise is the top deep cleaning service company in Dhaka city. Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,

What we serve:

Deep Washroom cleaning services
Deep Bathroom cleaning services
Deep Toilet cleaning services
Professional deep toilet cleaning.
Professional deep washroom cleaning services

Maintaining a home “Mcp idea” and supporting a family is a lot of work. Let us tackle the never glamorous job of cleaning the deep cleaning washrooms. Our residential expert cleaners combat soap scum and other unsightly buildups with meticulous care to ensure a clean and shiny washroom, so you don’t have to headache about it. Our deep washroom cleaning process is carefully designed to deliver an absolutely radiant washroom once our professional cleaning team is finished. Bathroom And Toilet Cleaning Service,

We are available in entire Dhaka city including:

Adhabor, Azimpur, Neke Agargaon, Azimpur, BUET campus, Badda, Bakshibazar, Banani, Banani DOHS, Banasree, Bangshal, Baridhara, Baridhara DOHS, Basabo, Basundhara, Cantonment, Chouk Bazar, DU campus, Dakhin Khan, Dayaganj, Demra, Dhamrai, Dhanmondi, Dohar, Elephant Road, Farmgate, Gabtali, Gandaria, Gulshan 1, Gulshan 2, Hazaribagh, Jatrabari, Jurain, Kafrul, Kalabagan, Kalyan Pur, Kamala Pur, Kamrangirchar, Kathal Bagan, Kawran Bazar, Kazipara, Keraniganj, Khilgaon, Khilkhet, Kotwali, Lalbag, Lalmatia, Magh Bazar, Malibag, Mirpur, Mirpur DOHS, Mohakhali, Mohakhali DOHS, Mohammad Pur, Motijheel, Nakhal Para, Narinda,Nawab Ganj, Naya Paltan, New Eskaton, New Market, Nilkhet, Pallabi, Panthapath, Postagola, Purana Paltan, Purbachal, Raja Bazar, Rajarbag  , Ramna, Rampura, Rayer Bazar, Rupnagar, Sabujbag, Sadarghat, Savar, Segunbagicha, Shahbag, Shajahan Pur, Shampur, Shantinagar, Sher-e-BanglaNagar, Shyamoli, Shamoli, Siddeswary, Sutrapur, Tejgaon, Tonggi, Uttar Khan, Uttara, Wari, Zigatola, Aftab Nagor, Bonosri, Estarn Housing, Nikunja,


154/11/A, West Nakhalpara, Tejgoan, Dhaka, 1215, Call:
+880 1962 180 678,
+880 1781 695 325,
+880 1719 198 778,
+880 1999 979 411,
+880 1629 877 050,



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